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Do not distribute this document or sell this document by any means. The intention of this document is to show crafters how to install the safety eyes. Thank you.
1. Make sure the eyes are located in the right place; once the washers are in, it is very hard to pull them back out again.
2. If you are using material like fabric, vinyl and leather, enlarge the hole a little by poking a needle (yarn needle/ skewer/ large sewing needle/ knitting needles, etc) through the material first.


1. Place the safety eyes into the holes and check to see if they are in the right place.

2. Once you think they are in the right place, you can start the process of placing washers at the back.
3. This is the back side of the safety eyes.

4. Holding the washer fluted side up, slide it on to the eye post.

(Again, MAKE SURE the eye is in the right place. Once you push the washer to the back of the eye, it will be extremely hard to remove).
5. Apply even pressure with both thumbs to slide the washer down the eye post.
This is the finished look of two 15mm cat eyes placed on my crocheted animal.

If you use the little black safety eyes, installation will be the same as the 15 mm eyes.

Remember to MAKE SURE the eye is in the right place. Push the washer fluted side up towards to the back of the eye.

This is the finished look of a 6mm black eye installed as a cat nose!

With all the parts together, my cat finally can see and smell.


I hope this document helps you to understand how to put the eyes on your critters and creations. Thank you and enjoy!

Clara :)

If you need more help because you have arthritis, please continue to read.
I have couple more suggestions for you.
Usually the eyes I carry in my store you can install it to your critter/stuffed toys with your bare hands, however, I understand not everyone has the same strenght to push the washers when the eyes are small to handle. So here are couple suggestions that hopefully make your life easier. :)

1. If you have this interchangeable screw driver set in your house, there is always a handle with a hole, use that to help pushing the washer towards the eye. It's easier on your hand and you can grab the handle and use a little force and the washer should be right in.

2. If the washers are too hard, you don't have the right tool with you, you can soak the plastic washers into a bowl of really hot water for a few minutes. The hard plastic will turn softer and you can dry it and at once push it towards the eyes.

If you have more suggestions, you are always welcome to let me know so I can share with the other crafters. :)
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