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We have high quality acrylic and plastic round safety eyes, cat safety eyes, oval safety eyes, frog safety eyes, owl safety eyes, and comical safety eyes.

Most come in black, stock colors or with hand painted colors and design options.

Plenty of sizes and color choices ensures you'll find just the right eyes for your project.

Don't be fooled by cheap, fly-by-night producers of inferior products that pop up, sell a batch or two and disappear before people realize they've been cheated. 6060 eyes uses only the most reputable suppliers of high quality eyes who have been in the market for years.

We can guarantee our safety eyes meet all US standards for child-safety and materials. Buyer beware! Discount eyes may not meet these high standards and could degrade over time due to inferior materials.

You've worked hard on your craft! Why cut corners for the eyes? Use 606o eyes!

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