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Guest Checkout--No need to create an account or login to complete your purchase.

When you click the little shopping cart in the upper right of the page to start the checkout proess, the website will offer options to view your cart or checkout. If you choose checkout you'll enter the checkout wizard. The checkout wizard guides you through the payment process. You may choose to login to an account on our site you've already created, create a new account for this and (hopefully) future orders, or checkout as a guest. 

The guest checkout option permits customers to buy without creating a permanent profile on the site. You must still provide us the information needed to process your order and that information will still be stored in our order processing system so we can fulfill your order, but you won't have to create a login account and login to it to complete the transaction. This option works best for one-time customers or for folks who simply don't like registering with websites.

Hopefully, once you take a look at our privacy policy (links below) you'll see that we are trying to use the account registration as a convenience to our customers and have no plans for pestering you with unwanted emails.

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