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404 error not found on checkout

We've had some cases where customers stepped through the checkout wizard and confirmed the order only to get a 404 error when the site tries to hand off to PayPal. 404 errors mean the exact location on the web you asked to see was not available. Several problems can cause this, the easiest one to resolve being a loss of Internet connection.

Unfortuneately it's very difficult to pin down the exact cause in each case, The evidence we have been able to collect from some of our customers points to a security option on the customer's device that is blocking the feature used by our site to pass your browser over to the PayPal site to complete the transaction. This appears more often on customers using macs and I-pads or using Safari or Chrome as their browser, however others using these same devices have successfully checked out. This points to optional individual device settings as the cause--most likely in overly aggressive security settings such as a firewall or even workplace network settings that block access to PayPal so workers don't shop on company time!

We hesitate to suggest that our customers change aggressive security settings on their devices just for us. You may have other reasons why they are set that way and turning them off even for just one transaction may not be a good idea. Rather than dig through the security options about allowing the use of cookies or tokens on each device, it's usually much easier to switch to another device (a non-work related Windows pc offers the best chance at success) or to simply contact us so we can find an alternative way to complete the order, such as direct billing through PayPal or via our store on Etsy


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