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Sometimes we get complaints that this site is not secure. We have a separate page (see the bottom of the website under Privacy Policy), explaining why this perception exists and why it is not really the issue it apears to be.

In a nutshell, people don't see evidence of a popular security feature called SSL and sometimes their browsers warn them that our site is not secure. But SSL is only one way of encrypting data. We don't use SSL because it's typically used for credit card transactions and we don't handle credit card transactions or gather credit card data on our site. We use PayPal for that, and they use SSL, so your sensitive financial data still enjoys the excellent protections SSL provides. By the time you pay for your purchase you've already left our site and are on the Paypal server.

Our site does gather some personal data such as name address and email to allow you to create accounts and allow us to ship the items to you. Aside from the email address and your website password, this information would be available from online phone listings anyway. Still, all user stored data is encrypted by our web host using a method other than SSL. That encryption is effective even when the data is in transit between us and PayPal or when you're pulling it from or saving it to our site database as you access the site or update your profile. Your data is secured even though you won't see the HTTPS or lock symbol in your browser until you are connected to PayPal.

If someone were to intercept your password as you logged into 6060eyes, the worst they could do is log in as you and alter your profile, post a comment in our blog section or post a review in your name. All of this can be easily fixed on our site.  They could not complete an order in your name and charge it to you because the order could not be completed without  also having access to your PayPal account.  Since none of your PayPal or payment information is stored on our site they would have no way of stealing it from us.  

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