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What if The Shopping Cart Window Does Not Appear or it Appears Then Disappears?

The website displays a popup window needed to access your shopping cart and start the checkout process. Once you place items in your shopping cart, click the little shopping cart icon in the upper right part of your screen. The window should appear offering choices of viewing the cart or starting the checkout process. If you cannot see the checkout window after clicking the cart, it's possible your browser or Internet device has a security feature that blocks popups or scripts such as PHP from running. You have several options:

1) Remove or disable the feature blocking the window. The exact procedure to do this varies quite a lot based on the configuration of each computer.  Your best chance to figure it out is to search the web for help based on the browser and device you are using and the operating system (windows, mac OS, Android, etc). Common culprits are pop-up or ad blockers (there are no ads on our site), not allowing cookie files, or blocking scripts from running on our website.

2) Try a different browser. We know our shop works in Internet Explorer, Chrome, Opera and Safari, but different versions of these programs exist and we simply can't test them all. Note that Chrome and Safari may come with a feature turned on that blocks tokens/cookies, which will not permit our site to send the data PayPal needs to correct the order. Try enabling cookies. 

3) Try a different computer or device. Hopefully changing the computer changes the specific combination of features that are working against you.

4) Try our store It's the same great quality items at the same prices.

4) Contact us! Don't be shy. We REALLY want you to be happy with our site and be a happy customer! We have alternatives, such as placing the order through our shop on Etsy or billing you directly through PayPal (you would pay the online invoice through PayPal with your credit card or PayPal account). 

The Shopping Cart Window Appears, But Then it Disappears!

This is usually caused by rolling your mouse cursor outside the popup window after clicking the shopping cart icon.  The cart window appears when you click the shopping cart icon, but it will not remain open unless you move your cursor into the popup window and keep it inside there until you've made your selection.  As soon as you move the mouse outside the limits of the popup window it will disappear. You can make it reappear by clicking the shoping cart icon again. When the window appears, roll your mouse a bit down and to the left of the icon until it is inside the confines of the popup window.  The window should remain open and allow you to read what's inside and make any selections you want until you move the cursor outside of its boundaries or click out of the window. You may left click inside the shopping cart window to access any links there.

I Can't Scroll to the Bottom of the Shopping Cart Window!

A common issue affecting our customers is that they cannot scroll to the bottom of the shopping cart window when the order is so large it cannot fit into the default shopping cart window. We suggest that you keep your cursor within the shopping cart window that pops up when you click the shopping cart icon. As soon as your cursor leaves the shopping cart window the window will disappear.  People often attempt to use the slider bar on the main browser window to scroll the shopping cart window. But as soon as they try to click the slider bar, the shopping cart window closes because the scroll slider bar does not belong to that window. The trick is learning how to scroll  within the shopping cart window. You can do that by:

1) If you have a mouse with a scroll wheel, left click inside the shopping cart window and use the wheel to scroll up or down within the shopping cart window.

2) If you don't have a scroll wheel on your mouse, left click inside the shopping cart window and use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move up and down within the shopping cart window.



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