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Our Checkout Process

To view or change the items you have placed in your shopping cart, click the small pink shopping cart icon that appears in the upper right part of the website. One left click is usually all it needs.  A small window should open showing the items you have put in the cart and buttons allowing you to view your cart or go to checkout.  

If you want to change an item, adjust the quantity ordered, remove an item, or see the shipping costs before proceeding to checkout, click the View Cart button. If you choose to view your cart and later decide you wish to buy additional items, you will also have a link to continue shopping from within the view cart window.

If you choose checkout, you will proceed to the payment process. Note that you may cancel the payment process at any time up to and including the login to PayPal. If you choose to cancel you will be returned to the website and your shopping cart will retain all the items not yet purchased.

The checkout process is 6 quick and easy steps. After the 6th, you're turned over to PayPal. These steps are needed to establish the shipping and billing information. You'll have several opportunities in these 6 steps to leave comments or notes if needed.

Step 1: Choose to login to an existing account, create a new account, or checkout as a guest. There's also a lost password link to assist in resetting your account password if you've forgotten it. 

Step 2: Asks for information about the seller, such as name address email and phone number. This data will be used bny for order processessing.    

Step 3: Asks for deilvery information. If your delivery and billing addresses were flagged as being the same in step 2, the website will have already filled this in for you but you may still change it if you need to.

Step 4: Delivery method. There is only one: weight-based shipping, and it is pre-selected. Each item in your cart is tagged with a weight. The total weight is compared to the rates for the US postal service for the region the order is being shipped to. 6060eyes adds a small surcharge to cover the costs of shipping materials. If you require a faster method of shipping, we recommend you call us rather than complete your order through the website so we may advise you of your options.

Step 5: Allows you to select the preferred payment method--but we only offer one; PayPal, and it's also pre-selected. You must agree to the terms and conditions to continue. You may also see the terms and conditions in advance of placing an order by consulting the links at the website footer.  If you prefer not to use PayPal, please do not proceed with your online order. Call us and we'll advise you of your options.      

Step 6: You'll see a final summary of the order including taxes (if any) and shipping charges. This information will be passed to PayPal when you click the confirmorder button.    

Once you click to confirm the order in step 6, you'll be transferred to PayPal. Once logged into PayPal you will have the option of completing the sale or cancelling and returning to the website. If you cancel, your cart will retain the items you had placed in it, but PayPal will not charge you for them and the order will not be processed. If you decide to abandon the order and not complete it, we suggest you clear your cart so it will not have old items in it the next time you visit us.

What if The Shopping Cart Window Does Not Appear?

The website displays a popup window needed to access your shopping cart and start the checkout process. Once you place items in your shopping cart, click the little shopping cart icon in the upper right part of your screen. The window should appear offering choices of viewing the cart or starting the checkout process. If you cannot see the checkout window after clicking the cart, it's possible your browser or Internet device has a security feature that blocks popups or scripts such as PHP from running. You have several options:

1) Remove or disable the feature blocking the window. The exact procedure to do this varies quite a lot based on the configuration of each computer.  Your best chance to figure it out is to search the web for help based on the browser and device you are using and the operating system (windows, mac OS, Android, etc). Common culprits are pop-up or ad blockers (there are no ads on our site), not allowing cookie files, or blocking scripts from running on our website.

2) Try a different browser. We know our shop works in Internet Explorer, Chrome, Opera and Safari, but different versions of these programs exist and we simply can't test them all. Note that Chrome and Safari may come with a feature turned on that blocks tokens/cookies, which will not permit our site to send the data PayPal needs to correct the order. Try enabling cookies. 

3) Try a different computer or device. Hopefully changing the computer changes the specific combination of features that are working against you.

4) Contact us! Don't be shy. We REALLY want you to be happy with our site and be a happy customer! We have alternatives, such as placing the order through our website on Etsy or billing you directly through PayPal (you would pay the online invoice through PayPal with your credit card or PayPal account). 

Guest Checkout

When you click the little cart mentioned above, the website will offer options to view your cart or checkout. If you choose checkout you'll enter the checkout wizard. The checkout wizard guides you through the payment process. You may choose to login to an account on our site you've already created, create a new account for this and (hopefully) future orders, or checkout as a guest. 

The guest checkout option permits customers to buy without creating a permanent profile on the site. You must still provide us the information needed to process your order and that information will still be stored in our order processing system so we can fulfill your order, but you won't have to create a login account and login to it to complete the transaction. This option works best for one-time customers or for folks who don't like registering with websites. Hopefully, once you take a look at our privacy policy (links below) you'll see that we are trying to use the account registration as a convenience to our customers and have no plans for pestering you with unwanted emails.

404 error not found on checkout

We've had some cases where customers stepped through the checkout wizard and confirmed the order only to get a 404 error when the site tries to hand off to PayPal. 404 errors mean the exact location on the web you asked to see was not available. It's very difficult to pin down the exact cause in each case, but the evidence we have been able to collect points to a security option on the customer's device that is blocking the "token" used by our site to pass information to PayPal. This appears more often on customers using macs and I-pads or using Safari or Chrome as their browser, however others using these same devices have successfully checked out. This points to optional individual device settings as the cause.

The website must pass data about your order to the PayPal site so PayPal can apply the proper charges and record for their clients the exact nature of the purchase. It's likely a security feature is blocking the use of that token so PayPal has no idea what the customer is attempting to buy. Rather than dig through the security options about accepting cookies or tokens on each device, it's usually much easier to switch to another device (a Windows pc offers the best chance at success) or to simply contact us so we can find an alternative way to complete the order.


We currently use PayPal as the only method for payment on this website. Paypal may be used either with a PayPal account or without one (as a guest). Having a PayPal account makes it much easier for you to pay for items on many popular websites. It's free, and very easy to use. PayPal currently (as of Feb 2016) accepts VISA, Master Card or Discover cards. Unfortunately it is curently not accepting American Express. Some people do not trust online banking and fear PayPal will force them to use it. There is no need to connect a bank account to your PayPal account. They offer that as an option, but it is not required.

With a PayPal account, you provide a user name and password, store acceptable shipping addresses, provide the billing address for your credit card, (they use this as a way of verifying your identity, so it is important to enter the billing address exactly as it appears on your credit card statements), and provide the credit card information (number, exp date, security number). This is all encrypted and stored with your account information on the PayPal servers.

When you want to buy something online and use PayPal to pay for it, the online store (such as will pass the shopping cart information (what you're buying and how much it costs) to PayPal. You'll be sent to a PayPal login window. (If you prefer to use the guest option you'll see a link for that too). Once you login, PayPal already has everything it needs to complete the sale and provides a robust security environment in which to do so. All you need to do is verify where you want it shipped and give final approval of the transaction. That's it!

Forgotten Passwords and Failed Password Resets

We've had a number of cases where attempts to recover forgotten passwords has triggered an error on the website. If it happens to you, please contact us either by phone or email using the links at the bottom of the website. We can manually reset your password for you with a temporary one. You can login with that and reset your password to a pemanent one. We can't tell you your old password because our system security encrypts it in our database. Even our site admin cannot read them.


Sometimes we get complaints that this site is not secure. We have a separate page (see the bottom of the website under Privacy Policy), explaining why this perception exists and why it is not really the issue it apears to be. In a nutshell people don't see evidence of a popular security feature called SSL and sometimes their browsers warn the site is not secure. But SSL is only one way of encrypting data. We don't use SSL because we don't handle credit card transactions or gather credit card data on our site. We use PayPal for that, and they use SSL, so your financial data enjoys the excellent protections SSL provides.

Our site does gather some personal data to allow you to create accounts and allow us to ship the items to you. That data is encrypted by our web host using a method other than SSL. That encryption is effective even when the data is in transit between us and PayPal or when you're pulling it from or saving it to our site database. Your data is secured even though you won't see the HTTPS or lock symbol in your browser until you are connected to PayPal.