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Nobody likes ordering $2.00 worth of merchandise and then being charged $5.00 in shipping costs. Unfortunately, 6060eyes is at the mercy of the USPS and cannot control their rates. With most of our products being smaller priced items, the recent postal increase (January 2016) has been hard to absorb.

Here are some suggestions that can help you boost the value of your shipping charges and help you get the most out of your orders from us:

  • The closer you can get to ordering 8 oz of items, the more efficient your shipping costs will be. It costs as much to ship a single 1/2 oz order as it does to ship a 7.9 oz one. 
  • The vast majority of our products weigh much less than 1 oz. Many weigh just a small fraction of 1 oz. Group your purchases into larger orders and try to keep it under a total of 7 oz (leave a little room for the weight of the shipping materials). An ounce is a LOT of eyes! See below
  • If you work with a crafting group, consider combining orders. 
  • Save yourself on return or incorrect item shipping costs. Be extra careful when selecting a size or color. If you are not sure which size or style of product best fits your needs, contact us  and we'll be happy to offer advice. 

1 ounce consists of (roughly):

about 70 pairs of 4.5mm eyes

about 56 pairs of 6mm eyes

about 40 pairs of 7.5mm eyes

about 25 pairs of 8mm eyes

about 24 pairs of 9mm eyes

about 19 pairs of 10.5mm eyes

about 16 pairs of 12mm eyes

about 17 pairs of 13mm heart noses

about 14 pairs of 13.5mm eyes

about 11 pairs of 14mm owl eyes

about 8 pairs of 15mm eyes

about 7 pairs of 13.5mm eyes

about 6 pairs of 18mm eyes

about 5 pairs of 20mm eyes

about 4 pairs of 21mm eyes

about 3 pairs of 24mm eyes

about 2 pairs of 30mm eyes

about 4 pairs of 36mm frog eyes (they are partially hollow)

about 1 pair of 40mm eyes

about 7 20mm doll joints

about 5 30mm doll joints

about 5 35mm doll joints

about 2 45mm doll joints

about 5 pairs of 30mm comical eyes

about 4 pairs of 42mm comical eyes

about 17 pairs of 15mm triangular noses

about 17 pairs of 13mm heart shaped noses

about 7 pairs of chenile bees