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We enjoy happy customers and want you to be happy with your order!  The majority of the problems we encounter with customer orders fall into three general categories: 1) Incorrect delivery addresses  2) items lost, stolen or damaged during shipment 3) incorrect mechandise ordered, (usually incorrect sizes).   Please read the terms and conditions carefully.  They are designed to inform you of what you can do to avoid a problem order and what you may expect from us should a problem occur. 

Please note that 6060eyes strives to provide better quality eyes, but supplier quality may vary from time to time. We also occasionally see slight color variations between shipments of eyes that should be the same color. We avoid filling orders with eyes that contain color and quality variations without prior consent from our customers. Differences in color perception may also appear between the product images and the product you receive.  Unfortunately, there is little we can do about this. Colors are not always rendered well in photographs (as noted in several of the site's listings) and variations exist across computer, tablet, and phone monitors used to display our website.

Terms & Conditions

Buyer agrees to review order carefully and correct any mistakes prior to submitting payment.

Buyer agrees to abide by the 6060eyes.com record of the order and the information provided by the Buyer during the ordering process to resolve disputes concerning proper order fulfilment and/or delivery.

Buyer agrees to provide full, valid payment for all mechandise ordered from 6060eyes to 6060eyes prior to 6060eyes shipping Buyer'sr order. 

Buyer agrees to provide a correct, deliverable address and to retrieve items delivered to that address in a timely fashion.

Buyer agrees to pay shipping costs for reshipment of items returned to 6060eyes due to undeliverable addresses provided by the Buyer during the order, or due to errors by local postal carriers in delivering properly addressed shipments from 6060eyes to the Buyer.

Buyer agrees to assume full responsibility for orders lost or damaged during shipping.

Buyer agrees that 6060eyes cannot be held responsible for merchandize lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed while in the custody of postal/delivery services.

Buyer is responsible for paying all taxes and fees associated with receipt of orders from 6060eyes.

6060eyes agrees to provide the best quality items available from our stock when fulfilling your order unless the order is specifically for lower quality stock.

6060eyes agrees to ship buyer's order promptly to the shipping address provided by the Buyer upon receipt of full, valid payment, contingent upon availablity of stock.

6060eyes agrees to notify the Buyer promptly of any stock outages, shortages, or other reasons preventing the shipment of the Buyer's order and to offer the Buyer a choice of substituting other items, waiting for new stock similar to the orignally ordered items to arrive, a credit or a refund for the portion of the order that cannot be fulfilled.

6060eyes agrees to ship the ordered merchandise in packages designed to minimize the possibility of damage during normal shipping.

6060eyes reserves the right to refuse shipment to locations known to have poor delivery success rates and/or frequent problems with damage in transit.

6060eyes agrees to listen to your concerns about a problem order and to try to work with you to resolve them. 

6060eyes reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions at its sole descretion.