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Privacy Policy

We make the following pledges to our customers as a part our standard business practices.  The only time we may digress from this pledge is if we are forced by law or juducial order to do so:

We keep your information confidential. 

We don't store or file credit card numbers.

We don't trade, sell, share, exchange or divulge our customer lists with anyone else.

We only email you if:

1) You have emailed us.

2) We need to discuss or clarify your order or other business with us.

3) You have authorized us to contact you by signing up for our newsletter or promotional emails.

We don't want to flood your inbox. If we do send promotional email it will be infrequently--usually once a month. We may contact you more frequently in a given month if special conditions exist, such as a unexpected changes in our product offerings or our ability to serve you.

We don't want to pester you with unwanted solicitations. Contact us to remove yourself from receiving unwanted email from us and we'll actually stop sending it to you and we won't turn your email addrss over to someone else so they can send you unwanted solicitations.

We don't divulge information about our suppliers.

What information do we collect?

Order ID to permit connecting the order to the customer.
customer name to permit user accounts and shipping.
customer email to permit contact concerning an order if needed.
customer phone to permit contact concerning an order if needed. (Rarely used).
shipping address to permit shipping orders.
products purchased to permit order fulfillment and assist in inventory control.
cost of items purchased plus tax (if any) and shipping costs so we can pay far too many taxes.
IP address browser type
Accepted languages

We also generate and store related/connecting information that is non-personal in nature, such as order status the date accounts are created and orders are placed, and customer database number.