6060eyes is Your Source for High Quality Safety Eyes

We specialize in high quality hand painted safety eyes, superior selection, fast shipping, and a great customer experience. 6060eyes is the sister site to 6060eyes.etsy.com, a top Etsy seller for over 10 years.

Located in the USA, our wide selection of stock safety eyes in round, oval, cat, owl and frog styles are perfect for amigurumi, stuffed toys, teddy bears, plush toys, fishing lures, carvings, puppets and more. 

In addition to safety eyes, we offer many craft eyes such as google eyes, sew-on eyes, and printed eyes here for your lovely hand made creations. We also have craft supplies such as purse frames, potato pearlsbuttons, animal joints, doll and puppet craft eyelashes, carrot noses and some listings not found on our Etsy.com shop. We hope you enjoy shopping here!

Keep Calm and Make Stuffed Animals

Looking at the news nowadays is enough to make anyone think the whole world has gone crazy. Every story seems to be loaded with stress. Who needs more stress? 6060eyes offers a solution: Keep calm and make stuffed animals. If the world seems like it's just too much to deal with, turn off the TV, sit down, keep calm, and make stuffed animals. How stressful can the world be when it's loaded with cute and cuddly stuffed toys? Spread the word. We might be on to something here.

Bat eye are here!

We now offer a new design for your Halloween and related creations. Bat eyes have winged bats flying against a variety of color backgrounds.  We offer glow white, glow orange and glow green as well as lavender, full moon yellow and pumpkin orange backgrounds. The glow eyes will appear either orange, green or white under normal light but all will appear to glow white in the dark. We've also added a back coating of fluorescent orange and fluorescent green to the glow orange and glow green eyes. The glow coating is semi transparent. These fluorescent colors should shine through and glow bright under a black light for twice the eerie fun!